Monday, November 14, 2022

YOUR LAST MINUTE WARNING! Son of Destruction, The Covenant is the 11th commandment announced 11/18/22 cop27 Egypt

 Your Last Minute Warning

Subject: 1.34 hours

Shalom brother.  At the end of COP27 (THIS SUNDAY)The world faith leaders are to gather at Mt. SINAI for a ceremony of REPENTANCE and to announce the NEW COMMANDMENTS.  
6:31. Caernaifon castle: structure mimics old city of David in Jerusalem.  1953 Dragon symbol was adopted by Wales.  1958 Queen said she created Charles(nimrod Ishtar?)
10:43. Unicorn bound by chain to “red dragon”
13:45. Queen coronated by “thy people Israel” Royal house of king David
14:18 before 1998 israel TV claim “prince Charles descendant of King David”
  17:10. Leader of the Anglican Protestant Church
29:46 “Mount Sinai” COP 27: this Sunday nov. 13 prophetic call to Climate Justice and ceremony of repentance.
30:04 press conference announcements
           10:00. Concrete steps for climate action
           10:30. Faith leaders announce 10 commandments for climate justice
           11:00. Multi faith on climate “REPENTANCE” ceremony at Mt. Sinai
30:40 1987 London agreement (peace talks between Israel and arabs) initiated by prince.  Oslo security talks
32:47. Knights of prince charles. Shimon Peres, Bill Gates etc.
42 minutes.  prince charles statue
45 minutes. Environmental saviour of the world “saving the world”
48:11. Main statue 10 cubits in height
49:51. 1948 Israel becomes nation.   6 months later to the day charles born.  Queen calls him the chosen one.   
59:30. The 10 toes…..10 permanent members of the “security council”
  1.25 hours. Revived Babylonian empire   1.29 hours. Message at games from his mother to “bless” the games.

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