Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Can Dan News

And now for the defenders of “democracy” which is what I live under in Canada   the correct terminology for Y’all is “representative republic” which your rulers do not know and sadly I must add the majority of the population

6.29 minutes Lindsey on getting to the bottom of Benghazzi

5.56 minutes  Lindsey on Comey

50 seconds   oops mic still on

5 minutes  Lindsey to get info on emails

5.13 minutes  Graham/Kamala fist bump

15 seconds  Lindsey on abortion

3.26 minutes Lindsey/stay tuned graham

2.2 minutes  Fox/compilation/Trey/Lindsey….even though fox is compromised also

2.2 minutes Lindsey/Hypocrisy/ a 5 act tradgedy

1.35 minutes  Lifetime achievement award  goes to….

4.45 minutes    Trey/“I don’t care who's career…”

3.22 minutes   I dont care…

31.29 minutes  Benghazzi/Trey/Hillary

1.29 minutes   Republicans announce investigation of Bidens

  There will be nothing that will come of this     all smoke and mirrors    entertainment for the masses  in other words   go back to sleep we have the wheel

1.39 minutes   Trudeau


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