Monday, November 21, 2022

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 they do not do anything that does not have some deeper meaning than what we think

Illuminated Pyramid Kicks off COP 27

article  Khafre pyramid

article What does the Name Khafre mean

article Egyptian Re or Ra God

article Khafre


17.51 minutes  powers of the world use symbols, words and phrases

one world religion on full display at COP 27

UN chief starts conference reading wrong speech……author of confusion comes to mind

Secretary General states “cooperate or perish”.  Yes you can look at that and say “well we have to do something or we all will die”.
 I believe he means “you submit or YOU will perish”

And here is the “peace” as in “peace and security”

13.02 minutes

1.39 minutes  making carbon currency

 10 minutes  Pope declares “New” 10 commandments(of course on the wrong Mount Sinai in Egypt)  was thinking of scripture in Revelation 11:8  …..sodom and egypt….  we agree that Egypt represents “bondage”   I believe that the system that we see unfolding in “Egypt” which will in fact devastate the
whole world.  It is almost unbelievable if it was not unfolding in front of our eyes.

8 minutes King Charles the Climate King?

article  history of coronation   why is “Zadok the priest sung at coronations”
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