Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Can Dan News (Mixed Bag)

what does AM and PM mean

17 minutes    celebrity sell outs

21 minutes animal deaths

16 minutes  more info/queen

article  jubilee float sparks outrage over display of black sun

56.56 minutes  Romes Jesuit Army  notice the beginning  photo of vid    black sun

wikipedia  black sun

14.27 minutes  queen passed away supposedly Feb 2 /2022

54 seconds   her coronation

33 seconds  another view of her coronation

1.3 minutes her coronation

1.25 minutes  queen ritual   lighting up DNA to the tree of life? which also is a DNA symbol

13.40 minutes   Luciferian funeral

35 seconds  the successor

13.25 minutes  Gates ties to England?

23.56 minutes  Who is Bill Gates

2.36 minutes. Prince William/interesting/some foul words displayed


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