Monday, June 27, 2022

Strange Fire in the City (Cleveland)

45 seconds Now Sheep Found Dead Too 🤔

4 minutes the global fund 666

3 minutes No Uranium for America(nuke plants for power)

2.24 minutes US on verge of collapse

1.29 minutes another food processing plant

2.14 minutes Abortion question Ireland

3.28 minutes EU to use AI to look at peoples text messages

18 minutes UBI england to debate in the House of commons June 15

1.01 minutes Australia/power crisis/war on power

4.43 minutes 2019 change in Germany’s compensation act(getting ready)

25 seconds fertilizer train derailment

1.59 minutes US govt/destroying crops

52 seconds American Farm

1.48 minutes two American's telling truth to reporter on racism

4.17 minutes Supreme Court refuses to block Biden from using climate change model

1.35 minutes what is device in Bidens Ear?

7 minutes Biden signs executive order for digital currency

3.45 minutes Maybe Joe Biden 'seriously thinks it's 1965' following recent 'bizarre rant'

7 seconds Biden on America

1.04 minutes BBB

remember the Quote “Dark Winter “ from Biden 1.51 minutes Operation Dark Winter from 2001

7.33 minutes Georgias Coffins

33 seconds JP Morgan Laying off 100’s of mortgage lenders

3.13 minutes Bush/Bama connections

58 seconds missile hit pentagon

1.01 hour 911/The Great Conspiracy

1.03 hour Yuri brezmenov/ communism

13.37 minutes a portion of the 1967 Myron Fagan broadcast warning

38 seconds communist party directive 1943

2 minutes Roosevelt on “One World Government”

2 minutes “replacement Theology”

27 Minutes "The Kalergi Plan"

What is this thing in Obidens Ear? 1:35 Minutes