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This bill c-11 that will be implemented soon will have even you tube to utilize algorithms to propagandize you

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I want to add one more.  From nov.19/2022.  Pilot who may have passed away on take off……now you may understand when I stated on one of the vids that in the UK they are removing 10,000 flights that it is more than likely due to the pilots who probably have multiple boosters to fly are either dead or



Can Dan News (Mixed Bag)

what does AM and PM mean

17 minutes    celebrity sell outs

21 minutes animal deaths

16 minutes  more info/queen

article  jubilee float sparks outrage over display of black sun

56.56 minutes  Romes Jesuit Army  notice the beginning  photo of vid    black sun

wikipedia  black sun

14.27 minutes  queen passed away supposedly Feb 2 /2022

54 seconds   her coronation

33 seconds  another view of her coronation

1.3 minutes her coronation

1.25 minutes  queen ritual   lighting up DNA to the tree of life? which also is a DNA symbol

13.40 minutes   Luciferian funeral

35 seconds  the successor

13.25 minutes  Gates ties to England?

23.56 minutes  Who is Bill Gates

2.36 minutes. Prince William/interesting/some foul words displayed


Can Dan News

And now for the defenders of “democracy” which is what I live under in Canada   the correct terminology for Y’all is “representative republic” which your rulers do not know and sadly I must add the majority of the population

6.29 minutes Lindsey on getting to the bottom of Benghazzi

5.56 minutes  Lindsey on Comey

50 seconds   oops mic still on

5 minutes  Lindsey to get info on emails

5.13 minutes  Graham/Kamala fist bump

15 seconds  Lindsey on abortion

3.26 minutes Lindsey/stay tuned graham

2.2 minutes  Fox/compilation/Trey/Lindsey….even though fox is compromised also

2.2 minutes Lindsey/Hypocrisy/ a 5 act tradgedy

1.35 minutes  Lifetime achievement award  goes to….

4.45 minutes    Trey/“I don’t care who's career…”

3.22 minutes   I dont care…

31.29 minutes  Benghazzi/Trey/Hillary

1.29 minutes   Republicans announce investigation of Bidens

  There will be nothing that will come of this     all smoke and mirrors    entertainment for the masses  in other words   go back to sleep we have the wheel

1.39 minutes   Trudeau


CanDan News

Audio  Book of Enoch   the dictation does not follow word for word in our book for Enoch however the book he reads from the chapters that seem to be missing are dictated in a different spot.

the following are definitions on how words are changed or better yet on the description as to the root word

relating to the origin and historical development of words and their meanings.

a person who copies out documents, especially one employed to do this before printing was invented. 
a writer, especially a journalist. 
a Jewish recordkeeper or, later, a professional theologian and jurist. 
a pointed instrument used for making marks on wood, bricks, etc., to guide a saw or in signwriting. 
mark with a pointed instrument.

synonym   you can see this regardless of what your take is on the King James bible etc.
a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language, for example shut is a synonym of close. 
a person or thing so closely associated with a particular quality or idea that the mention of their name calls it to mind. 
a taxonomic name which has the same application as another, especially one which has been superseded and is no longer valid.

syncretism     I truly believe that we have seen this thruout history beginning with babylon thru all the empires of the statue including “Constantine"
the amalgamation or attempted amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought. 
the merging of different inflectional varieties of a word during the development of a language.

Diespiter  (Latin) meaning, origin, translation

IHS meaning


CanDan News

13 seconds  2017…fear sells/reason doesn’t

5.13 minutes. BC government/Canadian psychiatric assoc./Ontario college of physicians

1.1 minutes   Ontario college of Physicians

article:  silencing speech(article is about doctors)

article Epoch times(I believe they pushed this thru in Australia last year)  fining people who do not take the shot  BC

5.31 minutes  Guatemala doctors/ 107+/dead to vax

8.55 minutes   clown world     control media/politicians etc

4.19 minutes  its all controlled

Whats Going On ( to july 2022)  you cannot hide the athlete deaths     especially soccer
5.21 minutes  #9

5.46 minutes  #8

5.16 minutes #7

5.37 minutes #6

5.11 minutes #5

4.57 minutes #4

4.59 minutes #3

4.18 minutes #2

5 minutes #1 from 2021

1.23 hours  athletes from the start

4.55 minutes   Music industry

1.15 minutes   american soldiers

2.81 minutes  remember the 80s    Fame anyone?

1.15 minutes   Kamala/press secretary

.56 seconds  NBA ex player     and another one

49 seconds  Al Roker/another

1.21 minutes  Radio show host/Britain/Bells Palsy

54 seconds  Reporter….

34 seconds    Korean/Live stream/what are they seeing    multiple vids online showing a lot of people seeing something

28 seconds   Gamer/online/whats he looking at

2.02 minutes   whats he looking at?

1.44 minutes   reporter/another one

1.06 minutes    and another

48 seconds   and another

1.08 minutes  TV star/Dancing with stars?/another one

7.29 minutes  Vaxx pusher/damaged heart/some vulgar words kind of displayed(just missing vowels)

11.11 minutes   is this what they see?

26 Western Stars Who Sadly Died in 2021- A SPECIAL MEMORIAL TRIBUTE TO T…(I do not know about the majority of these actors but I do know Ed Asner definetely did)   I remember most of these actors


CanDan News

article June 29/89  UN Global Warming

7.2 minutes  The 3 States from Rome/England/washington

6.23 minutes  3 city states

article  covenant between humanity and the enviroment

10.23 minutes  Englands PM on digital

6.23 minutes. Freeland/deputy PM/dictatorship

article  Epoch Times:  will you survive the Tripledemic

9.52 minutes  watch clip of John Cusak, listen to what he says in this movie     programming conditioning the masses

43 minutes  all wars are banker wars….what we see now is the last transition to the digital

11.54 minutes  “contol the opposition”    I have stated this previously     everything is under the control of ….

3.54 minutes  forced vax is legal in a pancemic

.55 seconds    Biden to terminate the presidency……..been terminated for much longer

5.44 minutes I think she is wrong on the cuts to flights/ could it be that Pilots may not be making it thru the 4th jab? hmmm?

article from UN   may 18th 2021   Ukraines readiness for vax

article from UN  nov 5 2021   % of ukranians ready for vax

article from Reuters  July 2022  Ukraine      Must be hard to administer all those shots with a war going on…..

8.04 minutes  netherlands/3000 farmers/sell your land to govt or govt will take it

7.41 minutes  Klaus/CCP/model for the world

2.16 hours   Worldwide deception

Article  Epoch news    banks told government that they should designate Truckers as “Terrorists”

Shalom  I have seen a couple of discussions between these 2 7th day adventists before, I do not watch them or search for them(I just found out today they were 7th day advent.).  However I was curious to see what they had for information.
 They are seeing this last system getting set up as we do and also some of their observations line up with what we see and believe.  Such as the Sunday worship and that the mark in the forehead and hand is “what you believe and do” and the “mortal wound of the RC church.
2:20. They state the devil does not come in thru the front door…..yup I believe that even though we see the “covenant” of Daniel 9:27 we still have not seen the “he”(which still might be charles, really strong suspicion anyways)
4:18. Jesuit article
6:28 “especially Christians” discussion 
11:25. Discussion on the “covenant between human beings and the environment “
13:30 discussion on “Vatican tells” beast and deadly wound
15:30 discussion on the film “the letter”?  Haven’t seen it…..
16:05. Discussion on the beast= the RC system
18:15 discussion on martyred
28:20 article with “God of Joseph and Moses”. I found that interesting for in scripture it always states God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob.  As in exodus 3:6. Even though Jehova was the Elohim of Joseph and Moses
31:39 discussion on nov. 13 article which states “…formulated by dozens of multi faith leaders meeting in LONDON over the past few days….
Why London?  Wouldn’t these multifaith leaders be at the Vatican?
Who is in London that was not at Cop 27? I know it is a rhetorical question for we know charles did not attend cop 27
Anyways they did have some articles that I was not aware of.  Just sharing what I have found.

14.48 minutes    House of Mars and the age of aquarius

I started seeing these videos popping up last year in the States…..I was wondering that it was a joke…….now they are in Canada and the US   I know the photo looks gross but the videos do not show anything
1.17 minutes   Vancouver Canada

1.07 minutes  United Kingdom


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This is the information I was mentioning about the “who” and travel in fellowship

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When you look at the map as to where the town in Poland was hit apparently by a “Ukrainian” missile from air defence one thing jumps out; Poland is west of Ukraine, Russia is to the east. If it was an “air defence” missile then you could ask why is it going to the east? What kind of air defence missiles do they have?  The narrative is set. It’s Russia’s fault anyways so they said.  Lies upon lies to make sure the anti christ will be able to confirm the covenant “peace and security” he will announce.  I wonder if “Chuck”(Charles) will do that after his coronation.  One other point that came to mind is that the “coronation” could be part of the confirmation process

The Epoch Times

 The narrative is ramping up to crash what’s left

CanDan News

 they do not do anything that does not have some deeper meaning than what we think

Illuminated Pyramid Kicks off COP 27

article  Khafre pyramid

article What does the Name Khafre mean

article Egyptian Re or Ra God

article Khafre


17.51 minutes  powers of the world use symbols, words and phrases

one world religion on full display at COP 27

UN chief starts conference reading wrong speech……author of confusion comes to mind

Secretary General states “cooperate or perish”.  Yes you can look at that and say “well we have to do something or we all will die”.
 I believe he means “you submit or YOU will perish”

And here is the “peace” as in “peace and security”

13.02 minutes

1.39 minutes  making carbon currency

 10 minutes  Pope declares “New” 10 commandments(of course on the wrong Mount Sinai in Egypt)  was thinking of scripture in Revelation 11:8  …..sodom and egypt….  we agree that Egypt represents “bondage”   I believe that the system that we see unfolding in “Egypt” which will in fact devastate the
whole world.  It is almost unbelievable if it was not unfolding in front of our eyes.

8 minutes King Charles the Climate King?

article  history of coronation   why is “Zadok the priest sung at coronations”
Preview YouTube video 'No effective climate policy without peace on Earth,' Zelenskiy tells Cop27Preview YouTube video THIS WEEK: Pope Declares NEW 10 Commandments on MOUNT SINAI - Dangerous BlaspemyPreview YouTube video KING CHARLES TALKING ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST! CHILLING SPEECH UNHOLY ALLIANCE!

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  40 seconds   John Kerry on Climate
       2.03 minutes  COP 27 from Egypt
   55 seconds   Mt. Sinai new 10 commandments

  A prophetic Call for Climate Justice and Ceremony of Repentance

      Charles….  biblically…..strong and manly
  Charles: Charity work and causes
  article  before UN, league of Nations, chatham house, royal institute of International affairs, illuminati etc.  going on for centuries  Lucifers room in UN      10 benchs   I was wondering about the hoopla of him trying to get on this council

YOUR LAST MINUTE WARNING! Son of Destruction, The Covenant is the 11th commandment announced 11/18/22 cop27 Egypt

 Your Last Minute Warning

Subject: 1.34 hours

Shalom brother.  At the end of COP27 (THIS SUNDAY)The world faith leaders are to gather at Mt. SINAI for a ceremony of REPENTANCE and to announce the NEW COMMANDMENTS.  
6:31. Caernaifon castle: structure mimics old city of David in Jerusalem.  1953 Dragon symbol was adopted by Wales.  1958 Queen said she created Charles(nimrod Ishtar?)
10:43. Unicorn bound by chain to “red dragon”
13:45. Queen coronated by “thy people Israel” Royal house of king David
14:18 before 1998 israel TV claim “prince Charles descendant of King David”
  17:10. Leader of the Anglican Protestant Church
29:46 “Mount Sinai” COP 27: this Sunday nov. 13 prophetic call to Climate Justice and ceremony of repentance.
30:04 press conference announcements
           10:00. Concrete steps for climate action
           10:30. Faith leaders announce 10 commandments for climate justice
           11:00. Multi faith on climate “REPENTANCE” ceremony at Mt. Sinai
30:40 1987 London agreement (peace talks between Israel and arabs) initiated by prince.  Oslo security talks
32:47. Knights of prince charles. Shimon Peres, Bill Gates etc.
42 minutes.  prince charles statue
45 minutes. Environmental saviour of the world “saving the world”
48:11. Main statue 10 cubits in height
49:51. 1948 Israel becomes nation.   6 months later to the day charles born.  Queen calls him the chosen one.   
59:30. The 10 toes…..10 permanent members of the “security council”
  1.25 hours. Revived Babylonian empire   1.29 hours. Message at games from his mother to “bless” the games.

An Ebook by: Dr C. J. KOSTER


Come Out Of Her My People

90 Canadian Doctors Have Now Died Suddenly

Greta 2.0

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Europe suffers horrifying 755% increase in Excess Deaths among Children since EMA approved COVID Vaccine for Kids

Ask Seek and Knock - The Mystery Of Lawlessness Revealed

Monday, October 24, 2022

The Righteous Reign of the Branch

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Make Your Own Delicious Flavored Salt (Only Costs Pennies!)


FBI Arrests 11 Pro-Life Advocates, They Could Face Decade in Prison for Saving Babies

 FBI Arrests 11 Pro-Life Advocates, They Could Face Decade in Prison for Saving Babies

Monday, September 5, 2022

1 John Part 12 Chapter 5 - Ask Seek and Knock - Watchers Prophecy Spotlight (Noahide Laws)