Wednesday, November 30, 2022

CanDan News

13 seconds  2017…fear sells/reason doesn’t

5.13 minutes. BC government/Canadian psychiatric assoc./Ontario college of physicians

1.1 minutes   Ontario college of Physicians

article:  silencing speech(article is about doctors)

article Epoch times(I believe they pushed this thru in Australia last year)  fining people who do not take the shot  BC

5.31 minutes  Guatemala doctors/ 107+/dead to vax

8.55 minutes   clown world     control media/politicians etc

4.19 minutes  its all controlled

Whats Going On ( to july 2022)  you cannot hide the athlete deaths     especially soccer
5.21 minutes  #9

5.46 minutes  #8

5.16 minutes #7

5.37 minutes #6

5.11 minutes #5

4.57 minutes #4

4.59 minutes #3

4.18 minutes #2

5 minutes #1 from 2021

1.23 hours  athletes from the start

4.55 minutes   Music industry

1.15 minutes   american soldiers

2.81 minutes  remember the 80s    Fame anyone?

1.15 minutes   Kamala/press secretary

.56 seconds  NBA ex player     and another one

49 seconds  Al Roker/another

1.21 minutes  Radio show host/Britain/Bells Palsy

54 seconds  Reporter….

34 seconds    Korean/Live stream/what are they seeing    multiple vids online showing a lot of people seeing something

28 seconds   Gamer/online/whats he looking at

2.02 minutes   whats he looking at?

1.44 minutes   reporter/another one

1.06 minutes    and another

48 seconds   and another

1.08 minutes  TV star/Dancing with stars?/another one

7.29 minutes  Vaxx pusher/damaged heart/some vulgar words kind of displayed(just missing vowels)

11.11 minutes   is this what they see?

26 Western Stars Who Sadly Died in 2021- A SPECIAL MEMORIAL TRIBUTE TO T…(I do not know about the majority of these actors but I do know Ed Asner definetely did)   I remember most of these actors


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