Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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article June 29/89  UN Global Warming

7.2 minutes  The 3 States from Rome/England/washington

6.23 minutes  3 city states

article  covenant between humanity and the enviroment

10.23 minutes  Englands PM on digital

6.23 minutes. Freeland/deputy PM/dictatorship

article  Epoch Times:  will you survive the Tripledemic

9.52 minutes  watch clip of John Cusak, listen to what he says in this movie     programming conditioning the masses

43 minutes  all wars are banker wars….what we see now is the last transition to the digital

11.54 minutes  “contol the opposition”    I have stated this previously     everything is under the control of ….

3.54 minutes  forced vax is legal in a pancemic

.55 seconds    Biden to terminate the presidency……..been terminated for much longer

5.44 minutes I think she is wrong on the cuts to flights/ could it be that Pilots may not be making it thru the 4th jab? hmmm?

article from UN   may 18th 2021   Ukraines readiness for vax

article from UN  nov 5 2021   % of ukranians ready for vax

article from Reuters  July 2022  Ukraine      Must be hard to administer all those shots with a war going on…..

8.04 minutes  netherlands/3000 farmers/sell your land to govt or govt will take it

7.41 minutes  Klaus/CCP/model for the world

2.16 hours   Worldwide deception

Article  Epoch news    banks told government that they should designate Truckers as “Terrorists”

Shalom  I have seen a couple of discussions between these 2 7th day adventists before, I do not watch them or search for them(I just found out today they were 7th day advent.).  However I was curious to see what they had for information.
 They are seeing this last system getting set up as we do and also some of their observations line up with what we see and believe.  Such as the Sunday worship and that the mark in the forehead and hand is “what you believe and do” and the “mortal wound of the RC church.
2:20. They state the devil does not come in thru the front door…..yup I believe that even though we see the “covenant” of Daniel 9:27 we still have not seen the “he”(which still might be charles, really strong suspicion anyways)
4:18. Jesuit article
6:28 “especially Christians” discussion 
11:25. Discussion on the “covenant between human beings and the environment “
13:30 discussion on “Vatican tells” beast and deadly wound
15:30 discussion on the film “the letter”?  Haven’t seen it…..
16:05. Discussion on the beast= the RC system
18:15 discussion on martyred
28:20 article with “God of Joseph and Moses”. I found that interesting for in scripture it always states God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob.  As in exodus 3:6. Even though Jehova was the Elohim of Joseph and Moses
31:39 discussion on nov. 13 article which states “…formulated by dozens of multi faith leaders meeting in LONDON over the past few days….
Why London?  Wouldn’t these multifaith leaders be at the Vatican?
Who is in London that was not at Cop 27? I know it is a rhetorical question for we know charles did not attend cop 27
Anyways they did have some articles that I was not aware of.  Just sharing what I have found.

14.48 minutes    House of Mars and the age of aquarius

I started seeing these videos popping up last year in the States…..I was wondering that it was a joke…….now they are in Canada and the US   I know the photo looks gross but the videos do not show anything
1.17 minutes   Vancouver Canada

1.07 minutes  United Kingdom


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