Monday, February 20, 2023

More News from CanDan Brothers and Sisters. Check it out!

6.37 minutes  predictive programming/Greg Reese report

3 minutes  Netflix   remember when Netflix hired Obama to produce movies after his presidency?   Don't watch Netflix better yet do not watch tv at all   turn off the worlds radio too

5 minutes  Fake alien reporting/Greg Reese report

4.41 minutes  Senator Kennedy/UFOs/more lies will be ramping up

article: Purina dog food recall (Poisoning everything)

2.20 minutes  collection died suddenly   (I dont like the music)

Vaxxed Lion   1.42 minutes

11 minutes  Died suddenly part 8

1.07 miniutes  Damar Hamlin  “ummm that is something I want to stay away from”

1.4 miniutes  Sharon Stones brother/and another  She states her brother’s newborn died last year…..

16 seconds  and another

34 seconds  greek tv reporter/and another

37 seconds and another

51 seconds  and another

52 seconds  and another

1.4 minutes  28 yr old soccer player / and another

9 minutes  26 yr old marathon runner/and another

9 minutes  12 year old football player/and another

9 minutes  31 yr. old ex georgia tennis legend dies suddenly

3.46  minutes  Fish Killing from Canada to S. america

48 seconds    hmmm  could it be? maybe

24.45 minutes East Palestine

Jan. 24  article South Dakota   fish die off

Feb. 17 article  Ohio/E. Palestine/toxic cloud spread

 The article is interesting on what dioxins are produced after they burn……not good……still not sure if they are identifying all the issues

Fox news article  New York “unusual odor"

2 minutes  strange smell in the air

Feb. 16  article  Kissimee Florida   5 acre fire  burning plastic pots facility

Feb 17  article/video  NBC  Doral waste facility   Florida   (plastics)


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