Monday, February 20, 2023

CanDan News, This is a Must See Brothers and Sisters.

Presidents day……I guess in Ukraine
Yup war going on…..missiles flying everywhere… let’s take a trip to the Ukraine…….brother does this make any sense?  
 Makes sense if you look at how to weaken the west by continually sending all the west’s military hardware ……

30 seconds Kamala??  Demon?

45 seconds  Kamala being interviewed   different view on neck

1.02 minutes   NBA or NFL?
I believe it is a reflection of the citizens

2.42 minutes  Turkey/Syria  huge chasm opened up/olive field/ near Antakya

7.42 minutes  AI chat bot  claims to be fallen angel

3.45  minutes  Canada/medically assisted suicide/they include mental illness
You can see how they are tying in vax refusal as a mental illness in other news reports

1.03 minutes  Pfizer/we did not defraud the government

6.02 minutes    Don't look for a political solution(controlled opposition)

1.04 minutes  canadian doctors   wasnt sure on the time frame till he mentioned the third and fourth shot

I believe what he is saying to be true.  At first I was suspicious, thinking it came out of Wuhan, 
the Winnipeg lab in Canada where Chinese scientists were kicked out and the government won’t say why, 
the hearings in the US Rand Paul vs Fauci over gain of function, and on and on.  
All we have had is the regular seasonal flu which now is labelled with new variants of covid every 6 months.   But hurry up and get the shot

9.25 minutes  pfizer issues press release jan 27 after project veritas reprt

After all the suffering in Europe/Britain we will see a rise of hate towards US/Canada. Especially the US. 
 I heard over the years… come we cannot see US in prophecy.  
Maybe just maybe we are not here as nations(empire) anymore

52.18 minutes.  This is very good.   Major from 2nd world war.  Explaining Breton woods etc./one world government


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