Monday, November 21, 2016

The question has been asked, would Muslims take in Christian refugees? The answer is No, they can't even tolerate their Muslim neighbors, they hack each other with Knives, body bombs, rifles, rocket launchers, chemicals, car bombs, and anything else they can get their evil hands on. They kill Christians by the score already. They take over entire nations and kill off any and all Christians in those nations. They burn Christians alive, Chop Christians heads off, drown them in cages by the 100's at a time after raping them and ripping their cloths off, they torture Christians to death by any and all means possible. All in the name of Allah! Sooooo, no. Think not. They are hiring though. They have hired President Obama, Killary Killinton, George Soros, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and more. Or did Obama hire them? I may be a little unclear with that one.. again, the answer is no. 

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