Thursday, November 10, 2016

Liberal progressives seem to be bent with lawlessness. Time for this to backfire to the one source that has caused and nurtured their actions. Barack H. Obama. Obama's lawlessness has gone without consequence to him. The young progressives of this country have taken from his lead and are being allowed to cause harm to others without consequence. Gee Obama, thanks! You should be removed from office right now through impeachment, then tried for treason. You have, with help from the so called elite, done all you can to divided a once whole country, and caused lawlessness to abound. It probably gives you joy to see the lawlessness in our streets. I for one, completely and wholeheartedly despise your actions and would like to watch you stand trial for the attempted destruction of our constitutional republic which you swore to protect and uphold on the day of your inauguration. You do not deserve one more free day on this planet. Nor do you deserve the millions of our dollars to play golf all day. Get out of our sacred land Benedict Arnold.

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