Sunday, October 23, 2016

Donald J. Trump just hosted 30k people at an Ohio Rally! How many people did Hillary have in her last Ohio rally? There is no way that she could even pull 10% of this number. Yet the media continue to place her close to Trump in the polls. State after state we see this phenomenon occurring, yet we see the media place her near or ahead of Trump. Did you know that Hillary has financial ties with the company that supplies voter machines in key states? Did you know that 1.8+ million dead people are registered to vote, and many of these dead people have changed to the democrat party? Did you know that 1.5+ million illegal aliens are registered to vote? Yes, every single eligible American needs to vote! Take a photo of your ballot, front and back! Before you send it off. Exit polling is a must. Trump is WAY ahead folks, yet the liberal machine (the entire media, the Clinton foundation, George Soros, and Barack Obama, just to name a few), are doing everything they can to beat you down, to make you feel there is no hope. There are a whole lot more of us then there are of them. The rallies clearly indicate this. Do not believe a single lie that they spew out. That is just how Satan works. Get out and vote for our next president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

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